Windows and Profiles

  1. Aesthetics

Our wooden frames are very eye catching and look stunning on any property. Moreover you can choose to tailor your timber frames for windows by selecting from a large variety of our woods colors mahogany or oak all of which come with a different look. Wooden window and door frames can also be carved, stained or painted to suit your taste and to conform to the look of the house. If white is a bit too bright for some tastes then either darker, our wood colours are available and comfortable for every taste.

  1. Decor foils

For everyone who appreciates a natural appearance without sacrificing the benefits of modern window technology, there are vinyl windows with a wood grain look achieved using decor foils. They are recommended as a classic style element when renovating an old house, as well as for rustic designs. Windows with wood-grain decor foils offer all the positive properties of modern vinyl windows combined with the decorative effect of wood.

  1. Almost too good to be true

RealWood wood-effect decorative foils in a new range of colours Four new wood-effect shades are now available alongside the six attractive single-colour hues: Weissbach Eiche (Weissbach Oak), Ginger Oak, Honey Oak and Amaranth Oak. They feature an improved, authentic wood grain that has widely varying grain patterns for a warm, lively look. Surfaces have a refined look and high quality you can feel – just like real wooden windows.
RealWood wood-effect decorative foils give your plastic-frame windows a more natural touch than ever before.

  1. NEW: REALWOOD – Premium wood-effect decorative foils

There are many different wood-effect decorative foils available for plastic-frame windows. But only RealWood foils give your windows a unique look and a special feel – because RealWood foils are significantly less glossy than standard wood-effect decorative foils. They feature attractive embossing that gives plastic-frame windows the natural appearance of wood, even though the foils are not made from wood. With a lifelike colour effect available in ten attractive hues, our new RealWood foils offer an appealing surface finish that is substantially closer to the look and feel of real wood than conventional wood-effect decorative foils. RealWood also has functional advantages that should not be overlooked: outstanding durability, UV resistance and weather resistance. Simply put, RealWood foils offer longevity. Whether for a new build or a renovation project, they will increase the value of your building and endure for decades to come.


NEWWIN  enters in aluminium market, with products such as windows & doors. After being present in the market for over years with PVC systems, NEWWIN decided to incorporate Alumiunium systems as one of the branches of manufacturing. We have combined expertise with our business partners of many years tooffer modern aluminum windows, systems, doors, glass facades according to individual wishes and sizes, which satisfy your needs and requirements.