GEALAN S 8000 is considered a classic model among all window systems. Elegant profiles of this economic system have clearly expressed classic lines and soft contours. GEALAN S 8000 is distinguished for economic efficiency and convenience by adapting to the needs of the market and any family budget. Due to the 74mm installation depth of the profiles, the windows meet all the requirements of construction projects, where large window structures with higher resistance ratios are required. The S 8000 system has a 6-chamber profile in order to provide a better performance value of heat transfer coefficient, thus having excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Very good heat transfer properties help not only to reduce heating costs, but also to actively reduce CO2 emissions. This system is available in white color and in a wide selection of acrylcolor and wood decors, as well as combinations between them. In this system there are also applied latest innovative technologies from GEALAN such as: unique coloring technology “GEALAN Acrylcolor”, professional anti-burglary protection, static dry glazing “GEALAN-STV®”, intensive core insulation “GEALAN IKD®” and patented automatic ventilation system “GECCO”.

Advantages of GEALAN S8000 system windows

• Excellent heat and sound insulation thanks to 6-chamber structure, installation depth of 74mm and glass thickness up to 44mm. Uf = 1.1W / m2K.

• Very good statics for larger windows thanks to steel reinforcements.

• High protection against forced entry/burglary.

• Available in a wide selection of acrylcolor surfaces and (wood grain) decor foils.

• Windows have a classic design.

• Easy to clean and maintain.

• Improved indoor climate and greater living comfort through patented ventilation system GECOO (optional). It prevents annoying draughts and mould formation in window reveals, saves energy and controls air circulation.

• Ecologically sound – Manufactured without any lead. Recommended for use in childrens and medical facilities.