Windows and Profiles

In most countries in Europe, PVC windows and doors have meanwhile reached high level of market penetration. Our plastic windows and doors are impressive, with perfect design, universal adaptation to styling requirements, they are easy to maintain and – what is especially important – they can be 100% recycled.

Use life reaches at least 40 years, which means less use of resources and a lower C02 emission burden. In theory, a cycle of our window use and recovery can be repeated seven times without negative effects to raw materials or processing quality.

It is not only surplus production material and profile off-cuts arising from our window production that are recycled, but meanwhile also old windows and doors, worn-out doors, roller shutter slats, etc.

  1. NEWWIN PVC windows and doors are the Number One in energy efficiency 

The frame of a window and door plays a decisive role in promoting energy and cost-efficient thermal insulation. Window and door profiles made of PVC score top marks when compared with aluminium or wooden windows and doors. They have better insulation values and are able to reduce energy and heating costs. There is a particularly high energy saving potential when using PVC window frames in the passive house standard. Today, passive house windows can be manufactured efficiently and cost-effectively using state-of-the-art PVC profiles and the now quite common triple glazing.

  1. NEWWIN PVC windows and doors have a very good cost-benefit ratio  

Our PVC windows and doors offer clear-cut cost advantages, both in procurement and throughout the entire life cycle. Timber frames are approximately 20-30 % more expensive than PVC profiles, and aluminium windows cost 30 % more again representing the most expensive alternative. Based on the high energy-saving potential and minimal maintenance throughout the entire service life of more than 50 years, costs are also saved in the long-term.

  1. NEWWIN PVC windows and doors are easy to care for

Our high quality PVC windows and doors are extremely easy to care for and require minimal maintenance. State-of-the-art PVC granule is extremely resistant to weather conditions and light-fast. To clean the window or the door frames all you need is dishwashing liquid due to the easy-care properties of the smooth profile surfaces.

  1. NEWWIN PVC windows and doors are remarkably durable

Our PVC windows and doors have a particularly long service life. High quality windows stand out with their distortion resistance and high level of functionality for years and years. Based on their long service live of at least 50 years PVC windows are an excellent investment, also with regard to maintaining a property’s value.

  1. NEWWIN PVC windows and doors boast an excellent eco balance  

PVC windows and doors of NEWWIN are 100 % recyclable and therefore resource-saving. 40 % of all gas and oil reserves in the world are used for heating and for supplying energy to buildings, whereas just 4 % go into the production of plastics of which just 1 % are used for PVC. Besides being recyclable, the durability and low levels of pollution during the production of PVC profiles help produce an excellent eco-balance and contribute towards protection of the environment. PVC windows and doors last much longer than wooden windows and consume substantially less energy during the manufacturing process.

  1. NEWWIN varity of colours

NEWWIN PVC windows and doors are available in a variety of colours and wood grain finishes, such as rosewood, mahogany and light or dark oak. Your clients can even opt for a different colour on each side of the door. We also offer inverted moulding, side panels, a variety of thresholds, glazing and glass options, including different backing glass options, grille and mosquito net.

  1. Design with colour / Timeless beauty

Coloured windows and doors have a special role to play when it comes to façade design. They enhance the visual appeal of buildings, and are one of the first things people notice. As part of the façade, windows, front doors and lift-slide doors are exposed to sunlight, weather and environmental influences and mechanical influences. When this happens, it quickly becomes apparent that not all coloured profiles are the same.

  1. Aesthetic appeal, innovative technology


The coloured acrylic layer is twice as hard as the PVC surface of white windows. It is highly scratch-resistant and is largely resistant to the effects of weather. The semi-matt, smooth and non-porous surface is insensitive to accumulations of dust and dirt. There is no spalling or chipping and no need for laborious repainting. acrylcolor windows require virtually no maintenance and are extremely easy to care for.